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April 2020

  • Rendcomb Staff support NHS during Covid-19 pandemic

    Published 30/04/20

    As we prepare to go out and #ClapForTheNHS tonight at 8pm, here is some news of what some of the Rendcomb Staff have been up to during the current coronavirus pandemic.

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  • What Boarding Schools Are Doing During Coronavirus Lockdown

    Published 26/04/20

    As the UK enters its sixth week of  Rendcomb College Covid-19 lock down, staff at Rendcomb College are making the most of the facilities we have available to help the local community. 

    From preparing food, making PPE and keeping the people of Rendcomb fit and healthy, Rendcomb College is doing everything they can to support their local community and the wider area.

    Here are a few of the things we have been up to over the last 6 weeks.

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  • The Complete Step by Step Guide to Boarding Schools - Downtime

    Published 23/04/20

    Boredom, social anxiety, disengagement and the ‘wrong crowd’ are common factors in young lives. Boarding Schools can address all of these in a positive, enjoyable way, as our guide to ‘downtime’ shows.

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  • Rendcomb Sports Department challenges the Rendcomb community to help complete 1 million metres per week

    Published 20/04/20

    We are challenging you the Rendcomb community to help us complete 1 million metres per week this equates to 1000 km.

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  • Head of Design & Technology & family at Rendcomb College uses laser cutter to create facial shields to help local NHS keyworkers

    Published 09/04/20

    Mr Marc Silverthorn, Head of Design & Technology and Houseparent of the 6th Form boarding house, Park House at Rendcomb College, has been busy with his family this Easter holiday, using the laser cutter in the DT classroom to make facial shields for local NHS keyworkers.

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  • Young Enterprise Competition success for Rendcomb pupils

    Published 09/04/20

    Mrs Ash, Head of Economics and Business Studies at Rendcomb College is pleased to announce that two student businesses in the Sixth Form have been highly successful in the Young Enterprise (YE) competition, which they have been involved in since September under the national programme.

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  • Thomas Franks Catering Team at Rendcomb College provide over 6000 meals to the vulnerable during the Covid-19 Period

    Published 03/04/20

    The Thomas Franks Catering team at Rendcomb College, near Cirencester have recently opened a pop-up shop to support both the local community, including staff, the doctors’ surgery and key workers, as well as local suppliers during the coronavirus lockdown.

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