What makes private schools different from state-funded schools? Here are just a few of the benefits of private schools like Rendcomb College.

Each and every pupil that attends an educational institution will have a different school experience. Their interests may be alternative to their peers and family, they may be more creative than academic, or perhaps they’re looking for guidance towards their dream careers. But what makes private schools different from state-funded schools? Here are just a few of the benefits of private schools like Rendcomb College.

What makes private schools different?


One of the main differences between private and state schools is the opportunities that private and boarding schools offer. Pupils have access to more facilities and resources, whilst benefiting from more individual-focused attention and a wider range of extra-curricular activities, to produce fully rounded individuals with a curiosity for the world around them.


Private schools like Rendcomb College strive for conflict and problem resolution early on, ensuring pupils are taught respect for one another and their teachers. Because of this, there is less conflict and therefore there is less distraction, meaning pupils can focus on what is important - their education and becoming the best version of themselves. The high standard of conduct expected and values taught in the classroom between teachers, students and peers create a friendly environment for all whilst setting up pupils for the wider world.


At private schools, class sizes are smaller, meaning that each and every pupil receives an education experience that is tailored to their individual needs. If they are falling behind on a specific subject or need additional assistance and time to allow them to develop in a particular area, they benefit from access to the best support available. The teachers are armed with the right skills and knowledge to assist all stages of learning, and are passionate experts in their field.

Because of the smaller class sizes, private schools can not only offer more individual attention when learning but also more support when planning for the future. When a pupil feels the support and empowerment of their teachers and peers, and learns confidence from positive affirmation both in and outside the classroom, they are more determined to pursue further education and approach the university admission process boldly, making them more likely to be successful in the future.


Private school facilities, including that of Rendcomb College, are second to none in and outside the classroom - from advanced technology to support with learning to creative spaces such as theatres for pupils to enjoy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an exemplary example of how, as a private school, we have been able to continue studies successfully. Through remote working as pupils were forced to move back home with their parents, Rendcomb College ensured that a comprehensive plan of action was put in place. Making sure that school pupils weren’t left behind, the curriculum was being followed and that exams were being prepared for. This consisted of group and individual sessions with their peers and teachers, along with innovative ways to teach lessons virtually.

The feedback we received from parents during this time praised how well we reacted to the situation, and how impressive our lesson plan was in comparison to other schools. Without excellent facilities and resources, this simply would not have been the case.


Living and studying in the grounds of the school isn’t just one of the main differences between private and state options. Accommodation at private school is similar to that of university halls of residence with dedicated dining facilities too. School life extends to a social life and this is where children and teenagers truly find themselves and learn a huge amount of skills to prepare them for adult life. You can find out more about the types of boarding available on our website. 

As we’ve begun our return to semi-normal school life, it’s an exciting time to make the most of what private schools can offer — embracing the benefits that other establishments can’t after a school year like no other. We can begin networking again and forming those friendships and relationships in person, building on each other's strengths and above all, having fun.

So to conclude, what makes private schools different? It’s quality, compassion and finding the confidence to be who you want to be, all whilst making the most of the expert teachers and state-of-the-art facilities to prepare pupils for a successful future ahead.

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