We all want the best for our children, and education is right at the heart of ensuring they have a great start in life. Public schools have a renowned reputation for assisting children on a journey of growth, exploration and encouragement.

Whether you’re looking at primary school, secondary schools, Sixth Form or boarding schools, there are plenty of noteworthy benefits to note down. A private education is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future. Take a look at our page on bursaries and scholarships to find the right pathway for your child’s education.

Should I Send My Child To Private School?


There are many reasons why parents decide to privately educate their children; it’s completely a personal choice. A parent is often best placed to determine what would suit their child's unique needs, personality, characteristics and lifestyle. If parents feel that their child needs to be challenged more academically or could benefit from extra assistance in the classroom, the support of the teachers is second to none. Class sizes are much smaller compared to state school alternatives meaning that teaching can be better tailored to in order to increase chances of academic success. Teachers can focus individually on students at different stages in their education regardless of their level in class - from those that ace every session to others who find particular subjects difficult. Their ability to identify strengths and weaknesses is commendable and one that will put your child in good stead for the future. They can make accurate recommendations of any areas to improve or how to develop skills further for more of a challenge.

Private education can be a good choice for parents who have busy careers, travel a lot or live overseas with the option of boarding schools. Private schools have a wider range of after school care and activities. Parents may be in the armed forces, requiring them to relocate often and would like stability for their children.


We’ve already mentioned the attention to detail with smaller class sizes, which is certainly a plus in comparison to busy mainstream schools, not only does this help parents with busy careers but helps young people hone in on their passions and potential careers. Independent schools also have the ability to be specialists in certain fields and can draw upon the knowledge and experience of highly-knowledgeable teachers in world-class facilities.

There is an emphasis on preparing young adults for higher education and life after school, to develop them into well rounded citizens striving for greatness. It has been reported that a higher proportion of privately educated children go on to attend Oxford or Cambridge University - despite only 7.2% of British Children being privately educated, they form 39% of Cambridge undergraduates and 42% of Oxford graduates (according to the Guardian). This sets students up well to achieve their desired career. There's an increased chance that you'll make lasting connections which can be of great benefit when entering the world of work. These come from friendships made along the way whose parents and relatives with interesting careers could help with work experience, internships or networking opportunities.

On a personal level, pupils who attend private school / boarding school make friendships that last a lifetime. It’s a community that is welcoming, full of fun, with great support from peers and staff. They’ll make new memories and share exciting experiences together, and if they board they’ll learn how to cook and live independent lives.


It’s no secret that some private schools can be rather costly. The debate stands on whether you would prefer to finance your child’s education or build up funds over time to help them with a gap year or get on the property ladder. In comparison to local schools that are state funded, private school fees from nursery to primary, secondary and sixth form, will depend on which package you take and for how long. This can be discussed at open days or through further discussions with the school. There are also additional fees if you decide on boarding school as you’ll need to bear in mind accommodation and food costs amongst a number of other items. If you’re fortunate to have savings that would put you in a position to send your child to a private school then this opens plenty of opportunities.

On the contrary, if you bring home an income where private school may be out of your reach, then there are plenty of reputable state primary, secondary, grammar schools and colleges that will fulfil your child’s educational needs. However there are a number of options to assist with the cost of private education that are worth exploring. Scholarships and Bursaries towards fees can make a huge difference and may make something which seemed impossible, achievable. Scholarships are based on an assessment of the pupil’s potential and the value they would bring to the school and are subject to satisfactory academic progress. They can range in subjects such as sport, music, drama, art and other academic areas, making private education more accessible for others.

At Rendcomb, we encourage young people to be adventurous, thoughtful and academically ambitious, and these are traits that we see seamlessly throughout all school years. We like to challenge and support character development, leadership and teamwork. Outside of their studies we also help to grow a responsible attitude towards their environment and surroundings. This is just a snapshot into why we believe the benefits that our private school offer parents and children outweigh any doubt into why it’s an investment full of opportunities.

It’s certainly worth taking the time to research into different private schools, their location and which school offers the most attractive all round package. On the Rendcomb website we keep you up to date on our latest open days and provide plenty of opportunities for parents and pupils alike to take a look around the grounds, speak to the teachers and students and see why they’ll be a great fit for the school.

Our open days give you the chance to have an insight into the world of a private school in Gloucestershire and why it can be a great step forward for your children’s education.