There’s no question about the advantages of sports activities at school. The rush of energy, the competitive nature, the team work, as well as the opportunity to become great in a certain field.

The benefits of private school sports are even greater due to a number of factors such as well-equipped facilities, experienced teachers, and the number of ways you could propel your sporting career for the future.

The Benefits Of Doing Sport At A Private School


It’s widely reported that some of the country’s highest achieving sports men and women attended boarding school. From Sir Chris Hoy formerly of George Watson’s College in Edinburgh, to Tom George, Charles Elwes, and Oliver Wynne-Griffith, alumni of Radley College in Oxfordshire, who took home bronze in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in rowing. 

Not to mention former Rendcomb College student and Invictus Games champion Andrew Perrin.

There’s a plethora of reasons why students and parents see the benefits of private schools to enhance sporting talents.


Unlike state schools where you can see classroom sizes of over 25 pupils, the average number of students in a private school classroom is 18 and can be even smaller than that in some cases. 

This means not only are there fewer disruptions, but teachers can also devote more time to the educational development of each child. They have a better opportunity of seeing an individual's strengths and where others may need more assistance.

It’s important to remember that not all pupils are on the same level when it comes to sports. Others may be faster or have better reaction times than their peers. With smaller class sizes teachers can provide more guidance on how to improve or suggest alternative methods or positions in a certain sport depending on the pupil’s skills.


As mentioned, one of many private school advantages is that bespoke support is on hand to help students be the best that they can be. It means that teachers can offer bespoke opportunities to hone in on their skills and provide thoughtful analysis of their performance, and make suggestions on how to better themselves in the sports field.

This wouldn’t necessarily be possible in other schools and provides a great opportunity for teachers to highlight pupils who can excel further into sporting greatness.


It’s no secret that private schools offer leading facilities that are impressive from wall to floor. Diverse in the equipment and spaces that they provide, but also readily available for students to use during and outside of school hours, the facilities on offer certainly are exceptional.

Ten years ago a ‘building boom’ was noted in the private sector which saw an increase in new swimming pools, changing rooms, and astroturf pitches which ignited much excitement for school pupils eager to try out the new facilities.

In comparison to state schools, private schools offer a wider variety of different sports to try including sailing, fencing, golf, and horse riding. At Rendcomb College we also boast Lacrosse, Martial Arts, and Clay Pigeon Shooting whilst considering ourselves fortunate to be surrounded by the natural beauty of Gloucestershire.


Private schools pride themselves on their staff and their ability to inspire and equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to pursue their passions. They’re most likely to hold higher degrees such as PhDs and have lived experiences as experts in their industry.

Their sought-after knowledge and passion to inspire and coach the next generation of sporting stars is what makes them stand out thanks to their outstanding qualifications. 


Did you know that 40% of medal winners at the London 2012 Olympics were alumni of Independent Schools? An impressive figure when putting a spotlight on how private schools provide increased sporting opportunities. 

Not only do the outstanding facilities provide an area for pupils to develop their skills in a contemporary and state-of-the-art space, but the friendships and connections made during their time at school can also put them in good stead for the future. Whether that’s through extra-curricular activity to build on their skill set, the opportunity to take part in sporting competitions against other schools, or alumni networks once entering the careers market. There are many potential ways to build upon their sporting acumen.

At Rendcomb College in particular our students are recognised at District, County, and International level across all major and some minor sports. Sports scholarships can be applied for preceding Year 7, Year 9, and Year 12 entry for those who showcase real talent and want to build on this further with the help of our leading facilities and staff. 

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