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We welcome applications from all over the world and we are proud of our cultural diversity which enhances the Rendcomb community.

In our student body, the school currently has pupils from Thailand, Canada, China, Dubai, America, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Russia, Nigeria, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, Austria, India and Colombia and the international community is ever-widening. We hold our international numbers at approximately 30% ensuring excellent integration and to ensure we offer a traditional British Boarding School experience.

Rendcomb strives to reflect the global community in which we live today and in which our students will work in the future, preparing them for their onward journey into university and careers across the world. We aim for our pupils to leave us as articulate, confident, thoughtful and resilient young adults, equipped with the essential soft skills required.

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The international pupils add tremendous value to the 'Rendcomb College Family' and continue to attain at an excellent standard securing superb university destinations.

Rendcomb College Grounds

Studying in the UK

The UK is a multicultural country and is also immensely popular with international students. In fact, the UK is the second most popular destination for overseas students in the world.

UK boarding schools continue to lead the way, topping league tables and helping students to not only gain an excellent set of examination results, but to reach new heights in sports, music and business internationally.

British boarding schools are a good choice because of their history and proven track record of providing an excellent all-round education with good prospects of achieving a place at a top university.