Rendcomb College Nursery Values and Virtues

Our mission is to develop thoughtful, adventurous and ambitious young people who are life-long learners. We aim to prepare them with the character and skills to succeed in the ever-changing world after school. Our pupils have the freedom to experience, explore and enquire about the world around them. We aim to encourage independence and tolerance in a safe, caring community and magnificent natural environment.

In the Nursery and Junior School we translate the values into virtues;

  • Thoughtful. We encourage pupils to be Kind and Helpful; show understanding and listen to others. We help them to explore Decision Making  to make good choices
  • Adventurous. Pupils are expected to be Courageous; try new things and stand up for what is right. They use their Imagination to think of new ideas
  • Ambitious. Pupils are actively encouraged to Ask Questions and enjoy learning and discovering. We ask them to Don’t Give Up at the first hurdle and keep going by exploring other ways of doing things

Values and philosophy of Rendcomb College Nursery