The Power of Play-Based Nursery Education

Every parent wishes for their children to get an early start on their learning journey to best prepare them for starting primary school full-time. You’d be surprised at how influential and inspiring those first steps are in their early years which have a real impact on children’s learning outcomes in the future. Whilst we may think that playtime is a fun and enjoyable way to entertain young children, it’s also a tool for enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development. Play-based learning is an essential part of this and can truly support children in their next stages of education. 

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What is play-based nursery learning?

Learning and development through play can be factored into both times spent at nursery with teacher-supported activities, and also at home which provides parents with a fantastic opportunity to build on their child’s skills. We understand that words and numbers may be a challenge at this time, but games and colours are a good starting point. Cognitive activities include sorting shapes, building blocks and interacting with imaginative play to encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and expanding on their creativity.  

Nurseries are a fantastic way to explore a child’s social skills as they are already in an interactive environment that allows them to work on communication, collaboration and negotiation with sharing items. From shopkeeping to delegating roles and responsibilities in the kitchen, these child-initiated play scenarios are great examples of learning through play. They also help with emotional intelligence as children get to navigate their feelings in storytelling and role-playing. 

What are the benefits of play-based learning?

Children develop best when they’re doing an activity, learning, building on their skills and expanding their experiences at nursery. All of these present a whole range of benefits that prepare them for success later on in life. They’ll be able to build on their vocabulary, counting and colour recognition, explore interests, acquire knowledge and curiosity, and reach personal milestones. As a parent, you’ll certainly notice the growth of your child during their time at nursery. 

Rendcomb’s approach to play-based learning

At Rendcomb we truly believe in the power of play-based learning in early years at our dedicated nursery that is filled with stimulating equipment for a child-centred approach. We build on their self-confidence, individuality and creativity through a range of activities and teachings which has fun and children's development at the heart of what we deliver every day. Our framework is designed with seven key areas in mind including, communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

Available for children from birth to age five, we carefully cater our syllabus for their development stage to prepare them for their next educational stage and level of academic skills. With facilities such as a sandpit, water table, interactive whiteboard, toys and games and a role-play area with costumes and props, their imaginations can run wild. Our safe and welcoming learning environments are built on Rendcomb’s three values of being thoughtful, adventurous and ambitious for a brighter future. 

How does play-based learning prepare children for success?

In comparison to traditional classrooms and environments, play-based learning at nursery school presents a wealth of ways to improve children’s literacy and numeracy skills that will put them on the path to success in their first years at school. They provide a creative and enjoyable space to grow in an atmosphere that is full of fun and peer-to-peer support that helps them to develop into socially competent individuals who can conquer challenges and create innovative solutions whilst building on their individual personalities. 

Parents too can have an active role in this by initiating play-based learning at home. Whether that’s having a dedicated space for reading, arts and crafts, toys and games, and allowing them to take the lead on what activities they would like to participate in. This encourages independence whilst giving them options driven by your direction. Whilst toys may not feel educational, there are ways to build learning into home life with baking activities to teach measurements or time in the garden to learn about insects and flowers. While it may be an option to incorporate technology, it’s important that both parents and children are present during playtime so that they can engage in conversations and show intrigue without being distracted by tablets and phones. Plus it means quality time as a family which will be cherished for years to come. 

Start your child’s play-based education with Rendcomb College

Enrolling your child at nursery with Rendcomb opens many doors for their educational potential at a highly regarded establishment that is renowned for its excellence from nursery all the way through to senior. We pride ourselves on providing young children with the best start to their schooling life in an environment that is inviting and stimulating, full of nature, fantastic facilities and teaching staff, and an excellent curriculum. We understand that all children are unique, and that’s why we provide tailored activities that meet the needs of each individual with high levels of adult support and encouragement. Whatever stage your child is at in their early years, we are here to welcome them to our nursery. If you're interested in your child attending nursery at Rendcomb College, our admissions team can arrange a dedicated visit for you to explore, experience and find out more. 

Find out more about how your child can join us at Rendcomb College Nursery Cirencester & Cotswolds.