Nursery Uniform

All items of clothing except shoes and boots may be purchased from the school supplier via Schoolblazer at

Those items marked below with an asterisk* are regulation styles and/or colours and should be bought online via the link above. Items can also be purchased from the Rendcomb Second Hand Uniform Shop which is open during term time on Mondays from 3pm to 5pm. The shop is located on the top floor of the Main Building, no appointment is necessary.

Please Note: Sports kit is only required in the Summer Term.

All items should be clearly marked, where possible using name tapes that must be sewn, not stuck in. Schoolblazer will label all items bought from them.

  • Rendcomb Red Polo Shirt (Long or Short Sleeved)
  • Crested Sweatshirt*
  • Navy Tracksuit Bottoms / Skirt*
  • Navy Smock*
  • Navy or Black Shoes referabl not buckles
  • Rendcomb Reversible Navy Storm-proof Jacket*
  • Navy Waterproof Trousers*
  • Red Socks / Tights
Uniform - Summer Term Only
  • Summer Dress*
  • Grey Shorts*
  • Grey / White Socks
Sports Kit (Summer Term)
  • White Crested Polo*
  • White Shorts
  • Predominantly White Trainers

Other Items to Bring

  • Navy Blue Legionnaires Sun-Hat*
  • Navy Blue and Red Stripe*
  • Rendcomb Woollen Hat White Socks  
  • Navy Mittens on String
  • Navy Drawstring Bag*
  • Water Bottle
  • Wellington Boots