This term Year 12 Art students were treated to a 3-hour workshop by celebrated printmaker and artist Pauline Scott Garrett.

Pauline works from her studio at The Drawing Projects in Trowbridge and has a wealth of experience and a fascinating career in the arts. Most recently she was awarded Art Council funding for a 1-year residency at Rise Arts Centre in Frome that culminated in a solo show that opened only two weeks ago.

Rendcomb College Year 12 Art Students in class


Students were given the opportunity to see some of Paulines work up close and hear her talk about her influences and processes. She then taught the group how to produce advanced, experimental mono-prints before students were able to produce their own pieces using professional inks and paper.

Rendcomb College Year 12 Art Students in class


With a newfound understanding of the art form, the students eagerly embarked on their own mono-print creations. The studio was abuzz with creativity as the students experimented with colours, textures, and techniques, inspired by Pauline's guidance and their own artistic visions. The outcomes were beautiful and the students were left inspired and with new skills to explore further in our coming lessons.

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