Building a Strong Foundation: The Benefits of Nursery Education at Rendcomb College

A milestone in any child's life is attending nursery. It’s also a monumental moment for parents who have witnessed their baby grow month by month in size, characteristics and personal development bringing them to the stage of attending nursery and school to widen their educational horizons. As a parent, it’s essential to research nurseries that fit your needs in a child-friendly learning environment that delivers a number of key nursery education benefits.

About Rendcomb’s Nursery

Our approach to holistic child development and early learning standards is what sets us apart from other nurseries in the local area. Nestled between Cheltenham and Cirencester amongst 230 acres of Cotswold countryside, your child will be inspired at every turn during their time with us. Our values and philosophy of being thoughtful, adventurous and ambitious make us a leading choice for academic preparation in nursery by encouraging children to make good choices by being helpful and kind, having courage and imagination and not giving up. 

Nursery at Rendcomb College

Core Benefits

At Rendcomb College Nursery we pride ourselves on each and every aspect we deliver with our qualified nursery staff who truly care about the wellbeing of all children whilst letting their personalities shine. Our core benefits exemplify why the Rendcomb College early childhood program is great for children and parents alike. 

  1. We provide activities such as singing, music, dance, outside play, storytime, adult-lead activities, puzzles, French and Forest School 
  2. Our wrap-around care starts at 7.45am with Morning Club and after-school care continues from 3.30pm until 6pm with fun activities and snacks to assist parents with their working lives and schedules
  3. All dietary requirements are catered for with our dedicated on-site team who deliver a structured and balanced meal plan that varies day to day
  4. Develop your child’s social skills in early education with playtime and dedicated sessions to build on their learning
  5. Emotional well-being for preschoolers with our trained staff who can provide constant support and supervision as part of our pastoral care. We ensure that the children get the most from their time at Rendcomb and that our dialogue with parents is always open and honest
  6. Parental involvement in education is key to us as we want your child to develop in the best way possible. We welcome conversation about your child’s progress and how you can help them even further

Highlights of the Curriculum

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is the dedicated guidelines for the standards of learning, development and general care of children in Nursery and Reception up to the age of 5, children are able to develop in seven key areas of learning which are taught through play and games. 

This includes:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Communication and Language
  • Expressive Arts and Design
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

These prime and specific areas enable your child to build on their skills and capabilities ready for school, where they’ll be able to expand on their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning during this time. In doing so, they’ll grow in confidence and communication guided by our qualified staff to propel them to their next stage of education. 


Renowned for our outstanding facilities from nursery all the way through to A-Level studies, Rendcomb College boasts a wide variety of assets that can propel every child’s learning. From our theatre space to music room, sports fields and specialist classrooms, we understand the importance of having facilities that truly make a difference. 

Our nursery in particular is designed to help promote learning through play with our visionary courtyard garden, colourful indoor areas and variety of high-quality and age-appropriate play equipment. 

Our indoor area in particular is well equipped with a variety of toys and games, a sandpit, water table, interactive whiteboard and role-play area with costumes and props so that they can explore their imaginations whilst making new friends and having fun. Meanwhile, our courtyard garden features a mud kitchen, a variety of trees and plants, and a sensory garden to give children an opportunity to run, climb and explore. 

Laying the Foundation for a Bright Future

Attending nursery at Rendcomb College is the first step of a fantastic future with us as your child begins their journey of educational excellence with our dedicated team who are there to support your child’s learning. We nurture every child in our friendly community and help them excel in their own personal way whilst developing long-lasting friendships and memories for all. Our impressive offering of facilities, curriculum, pastoral care, and staff makes Rendcomb College a first choice for many parents. 

Visit one of our open days to experience what nursery at Rendcomb College is like and experience the joy shared by other children and how we can best help to develop yours.