Food and Dining at Rendcomb College

Lunch is inclusive in the school fees for all pupils and offers a different menu every day on a three week cycle. A fresh salad bar, cold meats, cheese, homemade soup and fruit is always available with changing hot options and desserts. Drinking water and fruit squash is also available for pupils.
The catering team also prepares special meals and decorate the dining hall for annual events such as Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Boarders take all their meals in the dining hall but also have provisions in their House which includes bread, spreads and other snacks. In addition to the well-balanced meals on offer, Boarders also have occasions when treat meals are offered at tea time.

If specific food requirements need to be met, such as gluten intolerance or vegetarianism, we can usually accommodate. Please get in touch for details.

Healthy food available at Rendcomb College for students and staff