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Rendcomb College Cirencester Nursery 

Nursery pupil in class

The Nursery at Rendcomb College is bright, spacious and designed specifically to enable your child to experience a wide variety of activities. Rendcomb College is set within 230-acres of stunning Cotswold countryside situated between Cheltenham and Cirencester.

We are proud to offer an unparalleled natural, beautiful landscape; bordered by the River Churn and old English woodland, giving the perfect setting for your child to develop and learn in.
Our grounds hold within it our beautiful school, ‘the wilderness’ and forest school, and even a deer park, all of which are used to the fullest of their capability in order to allow your child to grow in a remote forest landscape, making every day seem like an adventure!

Ensuring children are happy and cared for.

Rendcomb College’s Cirencester Nursery

Head of EYFS Welcome

The school as a whole prides itself on its family atmosphere and this could not be more true than in our nursery. Combined with an unparalleled setting makes Rendcomb Nursery a truly unique and special place for your child to start their journey.

Kim Mason
Head of EYFS

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Kim Hardie, Head of EYFS

Rendcomb College Nursery pupils

Our Values And Philosophy

Our School's Values are; Thoughtful, Adventurous, and Ambitious.

We ensure that pupils start to participate in these right from the Early Years stages by being kind and helpful, make good choices, have courage and imagination, ask questions and don’t give up, even if something is not easy.


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Nursery Inspection Reports & Awards

Rendcomb College Nursery has received excellent results in inspections and many glowing reviews.

Nursery Day

Each day in our Cirencester nursery is different with a variety of fun activities on offer during the week including ballet, cooking, music, French and sessions in our extensive Forest School.

Nursery Uniform

All items of clothing except shoes and boots may be purchased from the school supplier via Schoolblazer at

Nursery Food

Nutrition is a key part of any child’s day and as such have a structured and balanced meal plan on a three weekly rota giving children a variety of meals to enjoy throughout the week.

Nursery FAQ

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions asked of us by parents; we hope you find these useful.


Explore our outstanding nursery facilities at Rendcomb College, where children shine on stage and discover the wonders of wildlife.


Unlocking joy and imagination through play. Our nursery offers a stimulating and fun-filled environment where children thrive and learn through play.


Our Nursery syllabus follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), focussing on 3 Prime Areas and 4 Specific Areas.

Pastoral Care

Nurturing every child in a friendly school community, our nursery excels in pastoral care, ensuring their well-being and holistic development.

Values And Philosophy

Nurturing young learners with a thoughtful, adventurous, and ambitious approach. Our nursery values and philosophy foster independence, tolerance, and exploration in a caring environment.