Facilities at Rendcomb College Nursery

The facilities available to children at Rendcomb College Nursery are designed to promote learning through play. The nursery has spacious and colorful indoor areas, as well as a courtyard garden with a variety of play equipment.

The indoor area is equipped with a variety of resources, including:

  • A role-play area with costumes and props
  • A sandpit
  • A water table
  • A variety of toys and games
  • An interactive whiteboard

The courtyard garden is a great place for children to run around, climb, and explore. It also features a mud kitchen, a sensory garden, and a variety of plants and trees.

Rendcomb College Manor House and Grounds

In addition to the indoor and outdoor areas, the nursery also has access to the wider facilities of Rendcomb College, including the sports fields, the music room, and the theater. These facilities provide children with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, such as sports, music, and drama.

The facilities at Rendcomb College Nursery are designed to create a stimulating and inviting environment for children to learn and grow. The nursery staff are committed to providing children with the opportunity to explore their interests and learn new skills in a fun and engaging way.

If you are interested in learning more about the facilities available at Rendcomb College Nursery, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.