Rendcomb College Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop thoughtful, adventurous, and ambitious life-long learners with the confidence, character and skills to succeed in the ever-changing world after school. Our pupils have the freedom to experience, explore and enquire about the world around them. We aim to encourage independence and inclusivity in a safe, caring community and magnificent natural environment.


Our Values

Rendcomb College instills the values in our pupils to be Thoughtful, Adventurous, and Ambitious. We live these values through seven virtues which are delivered every day through our teaching and learning. The virtues are highlighted in bold below, and surround the circles of our values logo.


Rendcombians test the status quo and are encouraged to employ critical thinking. They are kind and empathetic towards all people, and are proud to celebrate their differences and individual traits. Through service, they connect to others, enabling individual and societal change for good.


Rendcombians are courageous. They embrace the adventure of school life, challenging themselves to broaden their experiences, and are brave in standing up for what is right. They enjoy being creative in their approach, seeking new ways to solve problems, and continually learn from trying.


Rendcombians are activtely curious about the world around them and love to learn. They aspire to succeed through perseverance, whilst not being afraid to make mistakes. They seek to be the best version of themselves they can be.

A group of pupils playing table football, one girl is celebrating a goal!