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A number of Scholarships (Academic, Art, Music, Drama and Sport) are awarded each year at 11+, 13+ and 16+. Scholarships are based on the assessment of a pupil’s potential and the value that we believe they will add to the life of our school. We also award the Noel Wills Scholarship and the Rendcomb Scholarship at 11+. Pupils joining Year 3 in September 2018, are eligible to apply for a 7+ Scholarship.

All awards are reassessed annually and are subject to satisfactory academic progress and behaviour. All cases are judged on their own merits and applicants should submit any additional evidence, as required, along with their Scholarship application form no later than the published date. Visit the Application Timetable page for further details.

The number of individual Scholarships awarded each year depends solely on the calibre of the candidates. There is no limit to the number of Scholarships the school awards; Rendcomb looks for a level of excellence in order to award a Scholarship.

All candidates who apply to attend Rendcomb College Senior School at 11+ and 13+ are entitled to apply for one or two Scholarships. Candidates who are applying for Sixth Form may only apply for one Scholarship.

Scholarships are applied for during the 7+, 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form entry process, with Scholarships becoming relevant when the pupil begins Year 3, Year 7, Year 9 or Year 12 respectively.

Contact the Admissions Team for further information on: 01285 832306 or email:


In order to obtain an Academic Scholarship, candidates should demonstrate a high level of academic skill in the classroom, have a good awareness of the world around them and will have an academic curiosity and general knowledge. The Academic Scholarship at 11+ and 13+ is assessed
through a written paper consisting of three sections: English, Mathematics and a General Question.

Candidates at 16+ are required to sit a General Question paper and two additional subject papers from the following: Computing, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, French, Spanish and German.

All of the papers are designed to allow us to select pupils with the qualities required for Scholarship: the ability to solve problems, think through issues and use knowledge in unfamiliar situations. The papers give a level playing field to internal and external candidates who may have studied very different curricula and had different levels of experience.

In addition to the written test, all candidates have an interview with the Head of College. This gives the opportunity for the candidate to talk about their interests and passions. We would, where possible, encourage candidates to practise talking at home about their hobbies and current affairs, so that they can talk as freely as possible during the interviews.

All candidates at 11+ must provide a reference from their Headteacher. At 13+ and 16+, only external candidates must provide a reference from their Headteacher. All references must be supplied at the point of application.


Pupils enjoy opportunities such as meeting professional artists and taking inspiring trips to experience Art first hand. We have all the equipment necessary to provide pupils with a rich and varied course and the college grounds and large studio space provide a wonderful environment for painting, printing, ceramics, photography and design and technology.

What is expected an Art Scholar?
  • To maintain an excellent work ethic
  • To have a positive attitude and approach towards the subject
  • To set high standards for others to aspire to
  • To assist with and support departmental events, exhibitions and competitions
  • To study Art/Photography at GCSE and A Level
Key skills/attitudes we are looking for:
  • An experimental and creative approach
  • Creative and technical ability
  • An ability to work independently and express individual thoughts and ideas
  • The ability to record from life and show a good understanding of the formal elements of drawing The ability to work competently with a range of materials and processes
  • Confidence and formulation of own opinions when talking about their work and work of other artists
How do I prepare for the day?

Candidates should submit a reference from their current Art teacher or relevant tutor upon application and provide a portfolio of work 2 weeks before the assessment date. The portfolio will show their potential and wide interest in the subject. This might include photographs of work completed (if delicate or fragile) or original drawings or paintings. Comments from the candidate about choices made and reasons for completing specific pieces are particularly useful and can provide the basis of discussion. We hope to see art in chronological order to gain an insight into how the candidate has progressed.

On the Scholarship assessment day, candidates will be asked to produce an examination observation piece for which no preparation is necessary and all equipment will be provided. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their portfolio with the Head of Art.


As of 2017, our Drama Department relocated to the new performing arts centre, the Griffin Centre which features a 350 seat auditorium, drama theory classroom, dance studio and additional prop and set workshop and costume store.

An exciting time for Drama Scholars, students are encouraged to develop skills in stagecraft both on stage as a singer, dancer and actor or off stage as stage managers, makeup artists and lighting technicians. Hands-on training is given in all theatrical skills.

Drama Scholarships are awarded to those who display significant talent and promise for the future. Drama Scholars are expected to perform in a number of productions and are encouraged to extend and perfect their skill base.

What is expected of a Drama Scholar?
  • Drama Scholars are expected to be willing to be involved in productions in any capacity – a Drama Scholarship is not an automatic indicator that a pupil will have a lead role in a production
  • It is highly recommended that Scholars widen their theatre going experience, by visiting professional productions, such as the RSC in Stratford
  • They shall be expected to join Theatre Club trips and study Drama at GCSE and A Level.
How do I prepare for the day?
  • At 11+, candidates should prepare a short scene from a play of about two minutes
  • At 13+ and 16+, candidates should prepare two contrasting pieces of at least two minutes each
  • A portfolio, to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the assessment date, must be prepared for the Head of Drama containing evidence of the candidate’s performance history, such as photographs, programmes, awards or DVDs, and any external society achievements
  • Candidates will attend a short interview with the Head of Drama where they will be asked to describe their stage experiences
  • At least 2 references from the candidate’s current Drama teacher(s) or relevant tutor(s) must be provided upon application.
Candidates should demonstrate:
  • An enthusiasm for, and understanding of, theatre
  • An ability to take direction, where chosen audition pieces will be discussed and alternative responses to the texts are suggested
  • A standard of performance which demonstrates dramatic ability and intellectual understanding above and beyond the candidate’s age.

The Music Department at Rendcomb College is a vibrant and thriving place. We offer Music Scholarships to help nurture talent, reward excellence and recognise musical potential.

Music Scholars are expected to act as ambassadors for the department. They are expected to practise instruments regularly and make consistent
improvement. They must make themselves available for rehearsals and concerts as required by the Director of Music and continue to develop their
musical abilities. They should study Music at GCSE and Music/Music Technology at A Level.

All candidates must provide a minimum of 2 references from their currenit Music/instrument teacher(s) upon application. Candidates should forward a copy of any music to be performed along with the piano accompaniment scores to Rendcomb College 2 weeks before their audition.

16+ Music Scholarship, The Dutton Sixth Form Music Scholarship

The Dutton Sixth Form Music Scholarship is awarded to one student per year and applicants are assessed on their performing skills, composition ability and theoretical knowledge. Musicians interested in developing their composition or improvisation skills are encouraged to apply; applicants will be assessed as much on their creativity and musical potential as on their current grade level.

Successful candidates will demonstrate:
  • The ability to communicate with expressive intuition
  • Innate senses of pulse, rhythm and pitch
  • Potential for musical development
  • Proven commitment to music-making.
As a guide:
  • At 11+, candidates should be working towards or beyond Grade 3 ABRSM standard on their first instrument.
  • At 13+, candidates should be working towards or beyond Grade 4 ABRSM standard on their first instrument.
  • At 16+, candidates should be working on Grade 5 or towards Grade 6 ABRSM standard on their first instrument. (Please see The Dutton Sixth Form Music Scholarship information below).
What do I need to prepare?

During the audition assessment, warm up time and an accompanist will be provided. Sight-reading, aural awareness and music theory skills will be tested and the audition element will end with an unprepared discussion.

Audition: Perform two contrasting pieces on first instrument and one piece on a second instrument/voice.
No written paper.

Audition: Perform two contrasting pieces on first instrument and one piece on a second instrument/voice.
Written paper: 35 minute written paper including theory, composition and an extended piece of writing.

Audition: Perform two contrasting pieces on first instrument and one piece on a second instrument/voice.
Written paper: 60 minute written paper including theory, composition and an extended piece of writing.


The Sports Department provides high quality coaching to pupils and arranges competitive and enjoyable fixtures throughout the academic year.
We place paramount importance on fostering our reputation for playing any sport in a manner that is true to its spirit. Pupils can learn a great deal about leadership, teamwork, team building, personal fitness and health through their involvement in the sports programme. It can also develop within them a sense of fair play and the ability to cope with success and failure in a competitive environment.

Sport Scholarships are awarded to candidates who demonstrate outstanding sporting ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm. Successful candidates should be of County standard in at least one sport, or have the potential to reach County level or above.

Scholarship holders will respond well to guidance, work well in a team and demonstrate good leadership skills whether by example or captaincy.

Candidates will be expected to contribute to team sports in at least one of the College’s major sports of the season:

  • Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Tennis for boys
  • Hockey, Lacrosse and Tennis for girls
  • Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Equestrian sport, Fencing, Golf, Cross-country and Swimming for both boys 
    and girls.
11+ and 13+ Assessments

The scholarship assessment includes:

  • Generic ball and spatial awareness
  • Physical literacy, fitness testing and core sport sessions (Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse, Cricket, Tennis)
  • Specific sport testing.

All candidates must supply at least 2 references from their current Sports teacher or coach(es) at the time of application.

Candidates at 11+ and 13+ could support their references and application with a sporting portfolio. This might include copies of certificates, photographs and information about events in which the candidate has taken part. This is not an essential element of the Scholarship, however it may serve to help discussion and provide information about the candidate’s skills and interests.

16+ Assessments

Candidates at 16+ will be assessed through a 20 minute interview with the Director of Sport. Candidates must present an up-to-date sporting portfolio to be submitted 2 weeks in advance of the assessment date. The portfolio is to include photocopies of certificates, photographs and information about events and achievements in which the candidate has taken part. All candidates must supply at least 2 references from their current Sports teacher or coach(es) at the time of application.

What is expected from a Scholarship holder?

Sport Scholars will be expected to be excellent ambassadors and to demonstrate a willingness to contribute fully to the sporting and general life of the
school. At 11+ and 13+, Scholars will represent the school in all three major sports on an annual basis. At 16+, Scholars will represent the school in two major sports including after finishing public examinations. Scholars are expected to train and play with teams during periods of study leave or when no matches are scheduled.

Noel Wills Scholarship 

Available only at 11+ for pupils who attend a Gloucestershire State Primary School

The Head of College can award one 100% Scholarship each year to the candidate who achieves highly in their 11+ Entrance Assessment. This Scholarship is only available to candidates from Gloucestershire State Primary Schools for whom financial circumstances would otherwise make an independent education unaffordable.

The Scholarship is in keeping with the Founder’s original educational vision and both the Head of College and the Chair of Trustees, Henry C W Robinson DL, shall monitor the progress of Rendcomb’s Noel Wills Scholars throughout their time at the College.

Candidates are not required to sit a Scholarship assessment for the Noel Wills Scholarship but are required to meet with the Head of College and attend the 11+ Entrance Day. Candidates should notify the Admissions Registrar if they wish to be considered for the Noel Wills Scholarship and all applicants will be required to submit financial information to be assessed by our Bursary service.

the rendcomb scholarship 

Available only at 11+ for pupils at Rendcomb College Junior School

The Head of College will be looking for candidates to display a range of skills and abilities but also to demonstrate other skills such as leadership, teamwork, ability to work with younger children and a desire to be of service in the school. Candidates will have shown evidence of this type of service during their time at Rendcomb College Junior School. The award will usually carry a value of up to 15% of the school fees. We advise that discussions should take place with the Head of Juniors before an application is made for this Scholarship.

What do I need to prepare?
  • A portfolio prepared by the candidate (50 pages maximum) showing a breadth of educational and extra-curricular abilities and interests to be submitted upon application
  • Attend a 15 minute interview with the Head of Juniors where the portfolio is discussed
  • Attend a group interview with the Head of College.
7+ ScholarshipS 

Scholarships are awarded at 7+ for entrance into Year 3 in our Junior School.

The assessment takes into account a pupil’s ability, potential, attitude and work ethos. Pupils will need to demonstrate their Literacy and Numeracy skills in written tests and take part in challenging tasks and discussions to assess group interaction and problem solving skills. There is also the opportunity for candidates to show a specific talent or skill they may have. The Head of Juniors will meet with each child as part of the assessment process.

The awards are open to both internal and external pupils and will be retained until the pupil leaves the Junior School at the end of Year 6. We recommend that parents of current pupils discuss any application with the Head of Juniors.

Awards will usually carry the value of up to 10% of the school fees.