Sustainability at Rendcomb College

In our everyday lives, we’re conscious about our actions for a sustainable future. From recycling to the energy we use at home and work, it’s important to consider the environmentally friendly choices we make to reduce our carbon footprint. This not only affects our impact on climate change, but that of our children too. Therefore, schools and other educational establishments must make it their mission to adopt sustainability as a priority. 


Embracing Sustainability at Rendcomb College

Leading by example, Rendcomb College has introduced several initiatives emphasising our commitment to sustainability. From our zero-to-landfill promise and reducing emissions, we want to inspire teachers, staff and pupils by showcasing how small acts can make a big difference to how we operate as an institution. Plus we make it fun, informative and educational along the way with our hands-on approach that gets everyone involved.

Why Does Sustainability Matter for Boarding Schools?

With the measures we have put in place, we’re setting the right example for the next generation. Evidence shows that students and pupils are showing an active interest and are passionate about making a difference. NUS research which surveyed 30,000 people found that 80% of respondents want their college to take sustainability seriously, and 60% of university students want to learn more about the topic. With this much demand being driven by further and higher education, it’s essential to educate and make more environmentally friendly choices earlier on in children’s journeys at Boarding School too. 

Rendcomb College’s Sustainable Initiatives 

At Rendcomb College we’re driven by this very notion of influence from an early age. This is achieved by teaching children about climate change and what skills and actions can help them to be more energy efficient. We’re proud of the initiatives we have introduced which stretch across the board. 

Starting with the way teachers and staff get to work and how we transport pupils. We have upgraded our minibus fleet to the newest models, ensuring they are Euro 6 compliant and all of our cleaners are transported to the site on a minibus, reducing emissions. Also with the increase in electric cars, we are installing EV charging points at strategic locations on the campus which is a key benefit for our employees. 

Looking at infrastructure, Rendcomb College is steeped in history with our stunning architecture and landscaped grounds which have also been given a refresh with environmentally friendly actions. Where possible, all building materials are recycled, and we have signed off for installing solar panels on site, providing electricity at peak times during the school day. We’re adapting our current site and have improved energy efficiency by installing 1km2 of loft insulation in the past year. In addition to this, the majority of lighting across the site has been upgraded with LED lighting solutions. 

Within our grounds, we have restocked the orchard with 20 new fruit trees in the past year, and in the last month we have planted hundreds of new tree whips in our wilderness area. We’ve allowed dead ancient trees to remain in managed environments, inviting nesting owls and insect life to thrive. Also, our landscaping team have reduced their mowing footprint, allowing beneficial natural grasses and flowers to bloom, assisting the pollinators and seeing a rise in flora and fauna. 

From the outside to indoors, our day-to-day initiatives have also seen a significant change. In our offices we actively track and reduce our photocopying and printing output, and all printer cartridges we use are recycled using the manufacturer’s recycling programme. We have energy monitors in all of our boarding houses to identify peaks and demand, as well as energy wastage to help us identify how we can improve our footprint. Our commitment to reducing waste is also key as we use a local contractor to recycle all of our disposables and use anaerobic digesters that produce natural gas with our food waste, to enforce our zero-to-landfill promise. 

At Rendcomb College we have made conscious decisions in all areas of our establishment for a more sustainable future. We’re taking this matter seriously and are dedicated to researching and investing in innovative ways we can make improvements. It’s clear that we are making positive choices, and aim to inspire our students with even more sustainable prospects in the pipeline to involve them with our environmentally friendly commitment. Each act is carried out to build on the bigger picture. From what we plant to how we recycle, how we use transportation to how we can become more energy efficient, it all makes a difference to the lives of everyone connected to Rendcomb College. 

We’ve made great progress with the steps we have taken and are committed to increasing our initiatives further for a brighter future for our children. 

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