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  • Sixth Form Information Evening at Rendcomb College - Register Now

    Published 30/08/19

    Register to attend our next Open Morning at Rendcomb College.

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  • Application Timetable for 2019-20

    Published 01/10/19

     A useful timetable showing the Entrance application deadlines and Assessment dates for 2019-20.

    Check out our Admissions page for further details.

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  • Rendcomb's Macmillan Coffee Morning raised £619.53

    Published 01/10/19

    Rendcomb pupils, staff and parents raised an amazing total of £619.53 at their Macmillan Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. 

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  • St James’s Place offers careers insight to Sixth Formers

    Published 24/09/19

    Mrs Hannah Ash, Rendcomb’s Head of Economics and Business Studies took her Year 12 and Year 13 Economics and Business students to St James's Place in Cirencester on Friday, 20 September. They were treated to a unique industry experience at the local FTSE100 company.

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  • Rendcomb hosts Heritage Open Day

    Published 20/09/19

    Last weekend, Rendcomb College and the parish church of St. Peter’s, Rendcomb opened their doors as part of the Heritage Open Days.

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  • New house opened by BSA Chief Executive

    Published 12/09/19

    On Tuesday, 10 September Rendcomb College’s newly refurbished and extended co-educational boarding/day house was officially opened by the Chief Executive of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA), Robin Fletcher.

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  • Who will you meet at a boarding school?

    Published 11/09/19

    The opportunity to make life-long friendships is one of the main reasons students choose boarding school. For other potential boarders, being around new people is daunting!

    Those mixed emotions can lead to the sort of questions this article aims to answer.

    Topics will include whether you’re with other people around the clock, how easy it is to ‘fit in’ and who to turn to for help.

    Never feeling lonely, but you can be alone!

    Boarding school is one of the best ways to tackle feeling isolated when you’re a young person. It could be that your parents work long hours or travel for their careers, you live in a quiet rural area or you struggle to make meaningful friendships in your existing school.

    All that can be firmly in the past at a well-organised boarding school.

    You’ll be around students from across the UK (and some from overseas), and it’s highly likely that you’ll quickly find like-minded friends.

    This leads to a very important point when you choose Rendcomb College. We work hard to make every student feel ‘at home’ and comfortable, but we don’t believe in creating conforming androids! We encourage you to be your own unique self, in the company of other students who are being encouraged to live their best life at school too.

    In the ebb and flow of the boarding school day, friendships form naturally. Activities and sports in the evenings help too, and there’s plenty of time for spontaneous fun with new friends.

    Someone to take care of everything

    Rendcomb College crafts both its classrooms and social activities around helping students to feel part of an extended ‘family’. 

    You may be wondering ‘What if I need a private chat about something really personal?’. That’s what houseparents and our pastoral staff are for. What you say to them is confidential (unless they need to share information because they’re deeply concerned about student welfare, in which case they will talk you through what’s happening). 

    Every student who boards has a caring couple they can turn to for advice, encouragement and support. Houseparents are also there to provide some structure and routine to time outside the classroom, as having boundaries is important!

    In a nutshell, houseparents keep you safe, healthy and happy – while your actual family are absent. 

    The staff at Rendcomb College also include medical professionals to cope with anything health-related, and well-trained people to cover another important aspect of everyday life – food! Our chefs balance nutritional targets with menus that are delicious and enjoyable for your age group.

    Can you have solitude at boarding school?

    What if you attend boarding school but want space, peace and quiet?

    Rendcomb College won’t force you to interact with other people all day, every day! This includes providing older students with private bedrooms with ample solo study areas. 

    Also, students have flexibility in how they spend weekends. There are activities in each house but you can also ‘do your own thing’. Some boarders go home to see existing friends or enjoy their electronic gadgets.

    The college provides students with opportunities to enjoy privacy and peace during the school week too. Once students have notified our caring staff, they’re free to roam in solitude in our extensive grounds. We all need some alone time occasionally!

    What are the boarding school teachers like?

    Rendcomb College is a place to thrive socially and make wonderful friendships, but primarily it’s a supportive learning environment.

    We recruit teachers and teaching assistants with excellent experience and skills. They will truly enrich your ability to take in and retain subject information, because they know how to respond to each student individually.

    Of course, there will be exams, homework deadlines and discipline in the classroom – coping with those are important life skills. However, Rendcomb College staff have the time and abilities to make classrooms as pleasant and supportive as possible.

    You’ll never feel ‘alone’ or left behind in our classrooms; just as you won’t feel isolated or marginalised in our school accommodation. 

    We hope the most important person you meet at boarding school will be your ‘best self’!

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  • 5 Amazing reasons to study in the Cotswolds

    Published 11/09/19

    Choosing to attend day or boarding school in the Cotswolds comes with a wide range of benefits. In fact, you’re going to be living in a UK region that is world-famous for its advantages and attractions!

    This is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, packed with interesting things such as Neolithic stones, ancient battle grounds and historic landmarks. Though sightseeing might not be every young person’s idea of fun, proximity to so much wide open, unspoilt countryside has strong selling points.

    Not that the Cotswolds is all rolling hills, lush forests and stunningly beautiful spaces. The area is dotted with friendly and fascinating villages and towns; places where you can still find the iconic British corner shop, village green and helpful locals.

    The region includes some incredible British towns too, ripe with heritage and culture, spanning the counties of Oxfordshire,  Gloucestershire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Within this area of around 800 square miles, is some of Britain’s best-known destinations including the historic Stratford-upon-Avon, City of Bath and Bleinheim Palace (a World Heritage site and the birthplace of Winston Churchill).

    Nearer to Rendcomb College lies Rendcomb village, a perfect example of how charming and peaceful Cotswold settlements are. Then within the boarding school’s grounds is a patchwork of beautifully maintained woodlands, lawns, walks and sports areas. 

    Tempted yet? Let's look in more detail at five amazing advantages of being at boarding school in such a wonderful location.

    The boredom factor

    Young people don’t like being bored. Being isolated can make that happen. (Parents don’t like their children to be roaming the streets or staying cooped up in their rooms when they’re bored either!)

    Rendcomb College, its grounds, community and the wider landscape of the Cotswolds are all the perfect foil for boredom. They offer many opportunities to keep active and have fun!

    Authentically something for everyone

    Rendcomb College doesn’t treat every student the same! We do treat everyone equally, but we celebrate individuality and personal preference.

    Being based in such a diverse area enables staff to offer students an incredible range of extracurricular activities, field trips and fun outings - from horse riding to mountain biking, and from fell running to walking around museums and galleries.

    Peace and harmony

    However, going to school in the Cotswolds can also mean soaking up abundant peace and quiet as you learn and develop as a young person.

    This is not a busy city location, but a harmonious learning environment surrounded by nature.

    It can be the ideal way for young people to focus their mind and energy on developing their own understanding, awareness and maturity, without modern distractions and temptations.

    Healthy school life

    This leads to another advantage of attending boarding school in the Cotswolds. It can be very good for your health!

    Leaving aside the air purity in this lovely countryside, having access to so much outdoor education, activity and fun makes young people far more willing to go out and about. In the company of friends (and professional staff), they get exercise and fresh air in a spontaneous and enjoyable way.

    A fabulous place for families

    In all honesty, this reason to study in the Cotswolds is more about parents, siblings and other family members.

    This area is undoubtedly a wonderful place to stay when visiting students or transporting them to or from Rendcomb College. 

    Every trip could be different, including browsing for wonderful finds in some of the best antique shops outside London (especially in Woodstock, Stow-on-the-Wold or Burford). You could stay in superb local accommodation, to enjoy walking or cycling, and to visit castles, gardens or the beautiful Cotswold Wildlife Park. Then, you could eat in style in the many quintessential country pubs and British tea rooms in the Cotswolds.

    Even driving to Rendcomb College can be a pleasure, as the local roads - bordered by lovely English scenery - are largely traffic-free.

    It’s actually hard to find a reason NOT to live and learn in such a beautiful, healthy and safe environment!

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  • Business Networking Event - 19/9/19, 4pm-6pm

    Published 11/09/19

    Parents, colleagues and business associates are invited to join us for an afternoon networking event in the Reading Room at Rendcomb College.

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  • Rendcomb College pupils celebrate 2019 GCSE results

    Published 23/08/19

    Pupils at Rendcomb College picked up their GCSE results this week.

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  • Staff tackle Tough Mudder for National Star charity

    Published 21/08/19

    Staff took part in Badminton Estate’s Tough Mudder challenge on Sunday, 18 August to raise money for National Star.

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  • Day in the life of a Rendcomb College student

    Published 19/08/19

    At Rendcomb College, each day is different from the next. From unleashing that creativity in the classroom to catching up with friends in the evening, we’re here to offer an unforgettable experience, and first-class education rolled into one.

    Settling into Park House is as easy as 1,2,3. And so getting up in the morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep should be no exception. 

    Whilst  boarding, you’ll enjoy a comfortable, spacious living area, where you can wake up ready for the day ahead.

    It’s time for breakfast, so you’ll need something healthy but sustainable – food to increase concentration and keep you energised is always an added bonus. Enjoy the most important meal of the day from your self-catering apartment, or, if you choose to, head down to the dining hall for a large bowl of creamy porridge, fresh fruit, or a proper English cooked breakfast before classes begin.

    Now, it’s onto the important part – learning. 

    From nursery to early years, we offer small classes and a generous ratio of teachers-pupils. This helps grow confidence as the children learn to engage with others, as well as enables pupils to get some great one-on-one time, and more focus with the teacher. The National Curriculum is used as a stable framework, from which children are encouraged to grow creatively, and be nurtured into their own person. 

    When taking GCSEs, there’s no end to what educational excitement each day can hold. With 10 to choose from, the core subjects consist of the three sciences, two English specialities, and maths. From there, students can embrace their personal tastes and begin down chosen career paths, with subjects including art, drama, further maths, design technology, and PE all at their fingertips. 

    As it’s such an important stage in every young adult’s life, we offer plenty of nurturing and advice, as well as the opportunity to discuss subject choices with teachers, and more senior members of staff, such as the Deputy Head. 

    For Sixth Formers, students can take their educational choices to the next level, working towards A-Level and BTEC qualifications, to set them off into adulthood. 

    You’ll also likely find yourself with some free periods throughout the week, and if so, the ones first thing can be put to fantastic use. Head to the library to get some extra study time in whilst you’re feeling fresh and ready to tackle the day. 

    Lunchtime and dinnertime are much-loved affairs at Rendcomb; with a constantly-changing menu (on a three-week rotation), offering the best in fresh produce and delicious home-cooked meals, it’s no wonder the dining hall is a place is awash with pupils once lessons are over. Tuck into traditional dishes, such as lasagne and beef with Yorkshire puddings, or keep it light with a fresh salad from the salad bar, followed by fruit or something more comforting for desert. 

    Once the working day is over, there’s several way pupils choose to unwind and relax. There’s a multitude of sporting activities on offer, including sports clubs, which are a great way to make new friends and socialise. 

    Choose from tennis, rugby, cricket, netball, rounders, football, athletics; the list is vast and appealing to all different tastes. 

    There’s also drama, music, and dance for the more creatively-driven, including ballet and contemporary. 

    And when it comes to the weekend for those boarding, these can be mostly spent catching up with friends, taking time out to chill, watch films in the communal areas, getting a head-start on the next assignment in the library, or hitting the sports field to let off some steam. 

    It’s all part of a day in the life of a Rendcomb student.

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