If that's the case, the next step is to look into the types of boarding arrangements available that will best suit your family. For more information on the cost of boarding school please see our boarding school guide page.

Rendcomb offers parents a choice of full boarding, weekly boarding, flexi and occasional boarding or even a combination of all of these, to suit your family needs and the needs of the pupils. For example, flexi boarders may wish to board weekly during exam times or become full boarders in the sixth form.

Whichever boarding option you choose, the experienced staff at Rendcomb are here to help your child settle in and feel at home.

We explain the difference between full weekly, flexi and occasional boarding so you can choose the right one to fit your family.

Here are the boarding options for our pupils at Rendcomb:


As full boarders, Rendcomb becomes a home from home where children stay here every day throughout term time. Our full boarders will have their own room during the term which they can decorate and make their own.

Our full boarders are under the supervision and care of our dedicated Houseparents and their pastoral teams, with around the clock access to facilities and co-curricular opportunities.

The full boarding environment here at Rendcomb encourages a sense of community and helps to form firm friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

If you have a special evening or weekend planned, there is the opportunity for our full boarders to go home in between term times as well.


As weekly boarders at Rendcomb, your children will still enjoy everything that full boarding has to offer; that home from home environment, care and supervision of qualified Houseparents and your own bed and space to make your own.

The only difference being, our weekly boarders go home at the weekend.

Our weekly boards can be bought into school on either Sunday night or Monday morning and can be collected on Friday or Saturday morning, depending on your plans.

At the moment, weekly boarding is only available to year 7, 8 and 9 pupils.


Flexi boarding is an option for children who want to participate in extracurricular activities or spend time at the school for other reasons. Families can pre-select specific night(s) each week to board across an entire term.

Flexi boarding arrangements can be made on a termly basis, you can choose which nights of the week you’d like to board and the fixed number of nights pre-booked in advance.

It’s also a good opportunity if you want to experience what boarding is like and whether it’s right for your family.

We try our best to allocate the same bed space to our flexi boarders, however, any personal items bought in will need to be taken back home again while you’re not boarding.


Occasional boarding is where day pupils get the opportunity to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis or for a few nights a term at short notice.

You can book as late as the day before for maximum flexibility, which is perfect for social events, like birthday celebrations or school concerts.

Whichever boarding option you choose, each child will be looked after by our dedicated pastoral team and still get that sense of being at home.

If you would like to find out more about our boarding options, then please check out our boarding school guide or email us at info@rendcombcollege.org.uk, or call our admissions team on 01285 831213.