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Term Dates

Our summer holiday runs from Thursday, 5 July to Wednesday, 5 September. The College's main reception is open from 9am to 1pm daily during this time and can be contacted on: 01285 831213.

Michaelmas term 2018
Boarders Wednesday 5 September
Day pupils Thursday 6 September
Exeat 5pm Friday 28 September to 6pm Sunday 30 September
Half Term 5pm Wednesday 17 October to 6pm Sunday 28 October
Exeat 5pm Friday 16 November to 6pm Sunday 18 November
Term Ends Wednesday 12 December
Lent term 2019
Boarders Wednesday 9 January
Day pupils Thursday 10 January
Half Term 5pm Friday 15 February to 6pm Sunday 24 February
Exeat 5pm Friday 15 March to 6pm Sunday 17 March
Term Ends Wednesday 3 April
Summer term 2019
Boarders Wednesday 24 April
Day pupils Thursday 25 April
Exeat 5pm Friday 3 May to 6pm Monday 6 May
Founder's Day Friday 24 May
Half Term After Founder's Day on Friday 24 May to Sunday 2 June
Term Ends Wednesday 3 July
Michaelmas Term 2019
Boarders Tuesday, 3 September
Day Pupils Wednesday, 4 September
Half Term 5pm Wednesday, 23 October to 6pm Sunday, 3 November
Term Ends Friday, 13 December
Lent Term 2020
Boarder Tuesday, 7 January
Day Pupils Wednesday, 8 January
Half Term 5pm Friday, 14 February to 6pm Sunday, 23 February
Term Ends Wednesday, 1 April
Summer Term 2020
Boarders Tuesday, 21 April
Day Pupils Wednesday, 22 April
Exeat 5pm Friday, 1 May to 6pm Monday, 4 May
Founder's Day Friday, 22 May
Half Term After Founder's Day on Friday, 22 May to Sunday, 31 May
Term Ends Wednesday, 1 July