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Junior School


Rendcomb College offers a number of opportunities for pupils to apply for Scholarships. Awards recognise a pupil’s potential, a pupil’s particular level of skill or talent and the value that we believe a pupil will add to the life of our school. The number of individual Scholarships awarded each year depends solely on the calibre of the candidates. There is no limit to the number of Scholarships the school awards; Rendcomb looks for a level of excellence in order to award a Scholarship. All awards are reassessed annually and are subject to satisfactory academic progress and behaviour.

Awards generally range from 5% to 25% and can be higher in specific circumstances.

The 7+ Rendcomb Scholarship

7+ Scholarships are awarded for entrance into Year 3 and are open to internal and external pupils alike.

11+ Scholarships

11+ Scholarships are awarded for entrance into Year 7 in the Senior School. Academic, Art, Music, Drama and Sport scholarships are available and candidates are entitled to apply for one or two specialisms. Scholarships are applied for during the 11+ entry process, with Scholarships becoming relevant when the pupil begins Year 7.

The Rendcomb Scholarship

Available only at 11+ for pupils at Rendcomb College Junior School

The Head of College, Mr Rob Jones, looks for candidates to display a range of skills and abilities but also to demonstrate other skills such as leadership, team-work, ability to work with younger children and a desire to be of service in the school. Candidates will have shown evidence of this type of service during their time at Rendcomb College Junior School.


Further information about all Scholarships (7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+) can be obtained from the Registrar, Ellie Townsend and all information is listed on the Rendcomb College website.
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