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Junior School

Meet Our Staff

Here at Rendcomb College we see everyone as part of our family and as such we feel it important that you know us as much as we know you. 

Check out all our staff members below that your child will meet throughout their journey in the Junior School.

Mr Gavin Roberts, Head of Juniors




Mrs Fiona Auster, Teacher and Head of KS2
Mrs Catherine Breare, Teacher and Head of KS1







Mrs Kim Hardie, Nursery staff and Head of EYFS




Nursery Staff

Mrs Katie Street
Mrs Valerie Bartlett

Junior School Teaching Staff

Mr Jon Arnold 
Mrs Adrienne Barker
Mrs Amanda Brealy
Miss Claire Hayden
Mrs Jemma Hill 
Mrs Katie Street
Mrs Bernie Lee
Mrs Julia Lee-Browne
Mr Andrew Lawrence
Mrs Allison Miller
Miss Penelope Morrow Brown
Miss Christina Gillard

Junior School Non-teaching staff

Mrs Sarah Bischoff, Learning Support Teacher
Mrs Cheryl Hossle, SENDCO coordinator
Mrs Karen Burnip, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sume Liebenberg. Teaching Assistant and Dance Teacher
Mrs Nicola McKenna, Teaching assistant
Mrs Julia Nichols, Head of Juniors' PA
Mrs Pippa Jones, Head of College's Wife

Sports staff

Miss Sarah Bell, Hockey
Mrs Karen Coups, Hockey
Mr Edward Thomason, Rugby 
Mr Chris Summerbell, Graduate Sport assistant
Ms Aimee Ratapana,Graduate Sport assistant

Music Staff

Dr Tom Edwards, Director of Music 
Mrs Laura Hayward, Head of Junior Music


Mr Phil Strongman, Catering Manager


Miss Ellie Townsend, Registrar
Mrs Emma Stanley, Assistant Registrar


Miss Rebecca Grant-Jones, Director of Marketing
Mr Scott Bailey, Marketing Assistant

Medical Sisters

Mrs Jill Church 
Mrs Margaret Lushington 
Mrs Julia Vaughan


Reverend Robert Edy