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Psychology is the scientific study of brain and behaviour and is an exciting and popular subject Rendcomb College offers at A Level. The department is led by teachers with professional, industry experience drawn from a Psychiatric setting providing pupils with ‘real life’ examples.

Psychology pupils complete workshops and animal observations at Bristol Zoo and attend a Student Interest Conference to hear lectures from Psychologists, who are leaders in their field of research.

Pupils look at different explanations of a wide range of behaviours through designing and carrying out practical investigations using observation and experiments. Pupils look at examples of psychological studies and learn to critically analyse their ideas and methods.

Human behaviour is complicated and pupils explore the way the brain functions, how cognitive processes work and how some behaviours are learned. Pupils consider contemporary issues such as how they might improve the reliability of eyewitness testimony, how our early attachments might influence our later relationships and whether mental health issues, such as schizophrenia, depression and phobias are the result of biological factors, psychological factors or a combination of both.