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Out and about the Beautiful Rendcomb College Estate

The Cotswolds region is famous the world over, for its gentle hills, lush greenery, and quintessentially English towns and villages, featuring ancient buildings in soothing shades of stone.

 This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a magnet for holidaymakers, hikers and cyclists, but it is also an idyllic backdrop for students who study at Rendcomb College.

The glorious location of Rendcomb College

Nearby Rendcomb village is a superb example of Cotswolds charm and grace. It is situated just five miles north of the traditional market town of Cirencester, often defined by St John the Baptist church “the cathedral of the Cotswolds”.

Rendcomb village has lived in harmony with the college for around 100 years. Though the site of our prestigious school was previously occupied by a grand family home and a church from the 12th century onwards. 

Both of these structures were rebuilt a few hundred years later and were eventually sold as part of the estate that is now Rendcomb College

Plenty of things to do around Rendcomb

If there is one word that sums up the school grounds and its easy-going local community, it’s “peaceful”.

That’s not to say that being away from urban distractions, inner city issues or the perils of modern “street life” leaves our pupils with nothing to do locally! It’s just that the activities and outings on offer here at Rendcomb are of a far more traditional and “healthy” nature, due to our superb location.

Both our day and boarding pupils have a tempting array of outdoor activities on their doorstep. 

The walking and cycling trails around this beautiful part of the world are safe and fascinating. It's also possible to learn to sail on Cotswold Water Park or develop equestrian skills at a local riding school. The Cotswolds is – of course – also rich in heritage sights to explore.

 An estate conducive to adventure!

Our ability to offers students wonderful outdoor opportunities for exercise, fun and socialising are supported not just by the splendours of the Cotswolds.

Our own estate at Rendcomb College is designed – and carefully maintained – to provide the best environment for enjoyment, fitness and of course education!

This includes the outdoor sports you might expect, but also safeguarded opportunities for spontaneous games and adventure in the secure setting provided by the school.

Why having outdoor space and time matters

In classrooms and study areas our students are supported to reach their full academic potential, but we fully appreciate that being happy and healthy also stimulates improved learning and development. We want our students to fill their heads with knowledge, but also to fill their lungs with fresh air, and their minds with wonderful memories of their school experience.

Therefore, our students are encouraged to safely explore the Rendcomb College estate’s beautiful woods and grassed areas together. Not least as this stimulates their imagination and helps them to gain self-confidence and social skills. Away from WiFi, they can be surprisingly good at keeping themselves entertained and challenged, playing outdoor games or role-playing.

Rendcomb College pupils may not always reflect the words of artist Claude Monet: “My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature”. However, at least Rendcomb College students learn how to “live their best lives” within a beautiful rural environment during their formative years.