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Mr Aaron Read

Qualifications: BSA Professional Development Certificate in Boarding Education; CMI L7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management.

Mr Read came to Rendcomb in 2013 after nearly 10 years as an Army Officer working in various roles in training, outreach and specialist logistic posts in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Iraq and Afghanistan. Between leaving the Army and joining the Rendcomb College staff he spent time leading expeditions across the wild areas of the UK and instructing on team building events for young people.

As well as a Houseparent, Mr Read is currently serving as Army Reserve Officer at Oxford University Officer Training Corps.

While previously working as the Assistant House Parent in Park House, Mr Read has been involved in Duke of Edinburgh, organising weekend trips for Boarders and supervising trips to the Cairngorms and Patagonia.

Outside of Rendcomb Mr Read is a keen hill-walker, reluctant runner and born-again cyclist. The thing he enjoys most about a duty in Park House is the friendly, hardworking atmosphere and enthusiastic debates on a variety of topics.

“Rather deep discussions have been had in Park, be that over current affairs or working out the rules. I’ve even had an opinion or two of mine changed after a good debate in the Common Room!”

“Park acts as a unique bridge between school and university. It’s a great chance to live as part of a close knit community”

Mr Read’s favourite activity with the boarders is laser tag on campus.

“Our aim in Park is to prepare the students for the world of Higher Education and work. We aim to do this by promoting empathy, confidence, resilience and creating the conditions for each Student to achieve their full potential.”

FUN FACT: Mr Read once taught Australian cricket legend, Shane Warne's kids to climb!