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About Rendcomb

Clock Hall

Rendcomb College is an independent day and boarding school in Gloucestershire for boys and girls aged between 3 and 18.

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Rendcomb aims to:

  • promote academic achievement as a value to be prized and encourage independent learning
  • provide breadth in its co-curricular provision, enabling its pupils to identify their strengths and aptitudes
  • nurture mutual respect for individualism, promote collaboration and offer support within the strength of a family-centred environment
  • provide a pastoral framework that engenders physical, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • prepare pupils for life beyond School, fostering confidence, self-reliance and honesty
  • encourage students to respect the environment in which they live

Rendcomb is a Wills School

Our Founder, Noel Wills, had a clear vision for Rendcomb College.  Although the School has changed, evolved and grown over the years, it remains true to the Founder’s vision for an inclusive and broad-ranging education for its pupils.   The School has benefitted from the stewardship of the Wills family for almost a century and from the two-tiered Governance of the Trustees and Governing Body.

Rendcomb values learning

To teach is a privilege.  Rendcomb works with families to ensure that pupils have realistic academic ambitions, are well-prepared for public examinations and discover enthusiasms that will stay with them for life. We hope to encourage Rendcombians to think independently, to challenge and to engage.   Rendcomb intends to stretch the brightest and to provide structured support for those who need it.

Rendcomb has a strong tradition of boarding

The School is committed to remain a traditional school with a strong boarding ethos. This means that throughout each day, there are things to do and people with whom to do them. All our boys and girls, boarding and day, benefit from this culture. The academic, sport and music co-curricular activities and drama opportunities open to our students at Rendcomb are central to our idea of curriculum. Weekends for boarders are full, busy and purposeful.

Rendcomb’s day pupils are valued members of its Houses

The School does not have day houses.  Day pupils are integrated members of the School’s boarding houses and this assimilation is central to the inclusive sense of community nurtured at Rendcomb.

Entry Points

The main entry points are at Nursery, Otters, Juniors, 11+, 13+ and 16+.  Students may be accepted at other points if places are available.